Why Enlighten

Why Enlighten

Enlighten Sauna was founded to satisfy the growing high demand for Outdoor Infrared Sauna Products and as a result of many ongoing requests of our established clientele to offer high-quality outdoor sauna units.

This is a very common question especially amongst first time sauna buyers. Here you will find some helpful information to guide you towards your sauna purchase.

Before you start looking at sauna plans and researching popular sauna ideas, the first thing you really need to decide is whether you want an outdoor sauna or indoor sauna.

Our products and services meet customers' requirements and expectations, cost effectiveness, safety, reliability and quality…

A sauna is a heat-generating product, and because of such nature, wood selection is extremely important in sauna building. Far North Saunas' feature:

The standard 3-year warranty can be extended an additional 7-year for an additional 10% OR a lifetime for an additional 20% of the purchase price of the sauna.

We'll BEAT anyone's price... PERIOD. Even up to 60 days after you buy!

Innovative Technology

FIRSs utilize 120-V infrared light that penetrates deeper into the body, thus warming the tissue up more efficiently than warm air. Infrared heaters warm the body in the same manner as natural sunlight - which has the ability to gently and comfortably penetrate human tissue

We take safety measures very seriously and our entire product line is carefully tested for any EMF. We are proud to be certified as low EMF emission.