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Insulin sensitivity, prediabetes and infrared sauna

Ever heard of insulin sensitivity? Let's break it down in simple, cozy terms. Imagine insulin as a key. This key opens the doors of our body's cells, letting sugar (glucose) from our blood enter them, where it's used for energy. Now, insulin sensitivity is all about how effectively that key works. When our cells respond well to insulin, we say we have "good" or "high" insulin sensitivity. On the flip side, if the key struggles to open the cell doors, we have "low" insulin sensitivity or insulin resistance. Why's it a big deal? Well, improved...
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Outdoor Infrared Sauna Guide Campaign

What is the Difference Between an Infrared Indoor and an Infrared Outdoor Sauna?

This is a very common question especially amongst first time sauna buyers. Here you will find some helpful information to guide you towards your sauna purchase.


  • You don't have to leave your home.
  • Beautiful enhancement/decor.
  • Limited space.
  • Cannot be used outdoors.
  • With an indoor infrared sauna – that is all you get – you do not have the option of the outdoor conversion because the materials an indoor sauna is built with, are not suited to withstand nature's elements. In addition, the heaters in an indoor sauna will take longer to heat up due to the outdoor climate changes.


  • Your imagination really is the limit in terms of location, size, and appearance.
  • Requires better quality outer-paneling and insulation to protect it from nature's elements.
  • Enlighten Outdoor saunas are built with thicker wood material and duly insulated walls.
  • Carbon and full spectrum heaters that heat up fast, and a tile floor for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Getting the option of two saunas for the price of one! Easy conversion to an indoor.
Our saunas give you the option - should your circumstances change - to convert your outdoor unit into an indoor infrared sauna. All of our saunas come with a standard flat roof but are also equipped with an easy to remove shingle roof for indoor conversion.
The two deciding factors are - space preference and the amount of cost. Our Team at Enlighten Sauna is committed to help you choose what works best for your pocket book and your particular situation.

We have been in business since 2001 and having a wide knowledge of many prototypes in different settings, we are comfortable and happy to assist you in purchasing the most appropriate sauna for your specific lifestyle, size of your home or garden, and with the least amount of effort on your part.

Give us a call or send us an email. Let us help you build a nice relaxing hideaway within your reach and the comfort of your home.

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About Enlighten Infrared Saunas

As an innovator and leader in the infrared sauna industry, Outdoor Infrared Sauna by Enlighten Sauna has been manufacturing infrared saunas that are both effective and luxurious. We have spent a lot of time studying and researching on infrared therapy to come up with the most effective infrared sauna in the market. Thus, when you buy from us, you can be sure of exceptional quality infrared saunas.

Some of our critical goals involve providing classes, self-maintenance, and information tools that are geared toward Life Reorientation so as to empower a lot of people to turn their cumbersome lives around and reclaim the pain-free, flexible and balanced body for a fantastic life. Over the years we have dedicated time, effort and resources on the following aspects of the body; nutrition, health, balance, movement orientation, body mechanics, and flexibility in general.

We can cut through the clutter and help you choose the best infrared sauna that is perfect for you. One that will provide a true infrared healing to last a lifetime. Furthermore, within our family of Enlighten Sauna, you can enjoy features such as; lifetime warranties, awesome add-ons on your sauna designed to meet your needs, Bluetooth & Auxiliary, LED Chromotherapy, patented infrared heaters, and much more. We also have International Partners who make sure the whole process is done in the right way; from the old growth cedar trees to the final crafted products.

At, Enlighten Sauna, we are committed to sharing and educating on the benefits of infrared wellness. We take pride in our durable and high-quality infrared Saunas that can be modified to be used either outdoor or indoor in a commercial, clinical, or residential setting. Also, with many years of expertise and knowledge, we know the in-and-outs of infrared saunas, and we can answer any questions about infrared, infrared heaters, types of wood, controls, and infrared saunas in general.

We offer quality services to ensure our customers are always 100% satisfied with our products and the entire experience. Some of our notable services include free shipping to selected countries and special warranties. Furthermore, our Saunas come with floor heaters to offer more comfort and prevent moisture build-up. Our infrared heaters are positioned up to avoid direct heating of the head. We also offer infrared therapy which targets your core from every angle, even the front.

For quality services and a good customer care support, don't hesitate to give us a call 888-87-SAUNA (72862).