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Rick A.

Lake Stevens, WA

11/5/2019 I looked at the Enlightened sauna for quite a few years and this year I finally ordered it from Maria, she was able to answer all of my questions and gave me detailed instructions of the assembly.We built a gazebo to help protect our investment installed the sauna and everything worked great except the radio.I contacted Maria and she was very responsive too my situation.She introduced me to Armand in the service department and we did some trouble shooting I tested the speakers and they where fine still no sound so he decided too send me a new mother board which I must mention was very simple to change out but when I received my new mother board I looked very closely at the speaker wiring from the 2 mother boards and noticed the wires where not in the same order I put the four wires in the same order as the new mother board and reinstalled the old mother board just to see if that was what was causing me all this aggravation and sure enough I have music.I am so happy I chose Enlightened sauna Maria and Armand where so addiment in helping me.The product is great I use it twice a day just love it.And customer service is a 5 star.If you are interested in a sauna don't hesitate to give Maria a call at Enlightened sauna's. Best wishes too Maria and Armand. Thank you so much.

San Diego, CA

10/23/2019 I am super happy with my outdoor sauna. It met my expectations and arrived as planned. Everything was easy from ordering, to delivery, to the setup. It has worked without a problem for 6 months now.
Yasmin "Jazz" B.

Windsor, CA

12/24/2015 A company should be measured not on how well they respond when things go well, but how well they respond when things don't. This company surpassed all my customer service expectations. When a product arrived with some defects, they responded to my emails promptly and satisfactory. In addition their customer service rep Jacob has provided me with optimal service from the ordering process through installation and issue resolution. In spite of the issues with the product, overall the product value and quality is very good. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone out there in search of a Sauna. They are honest, fair, professional and customer-centric, something rarely seen these days. So glad I decided to purchase my Sauna here!
Dave G.

Mill Valley, CA

6/6/2017 I must say that I actually like the Sauna and think that it is good value for the price. HOWEVER, the unit arrived with an undersized electrical cord. The supplier insisted that it was a 220-volt unit, they had sent with an 120V cord. There were also several broken pieces of trim. So far I have not been able to get them to do anything about it and they are ignoring my emails and calls. They have since offered to rectify this situation, so all is well.
Deb S.

Austin, TX

5/26/2017 We ordered a two person sauna from these guys back in the end of February. Due to the item not being in stock at the time, it took longer than usual to get to us. The company worked with us and went out of their way to make up for the delay. Once delivery was scheduled it came in the delivery window as promised, securely packaged. It took my husband and son in law less than two hours to unpackage and assemble the unit....even with my elderly father insisting on helping. As far as the quality I could not be more pleased. The unit heats up nicely and seems to work much better than one I had tried at a local spa (which is what made me want one). I, my husband and my mom all use it primarily for aches and pains. I also use it to assist in detoxing. Mom has arthritis, I have fibro and arthritis. We each use it daily. We've been using it almost two weeks now, and I literally cannot believe the difference it has made for my mom. She was gimping around and SO miserable, needing her cane to even get around the house. Well, I swear to God, she has not needed her cane since she began using the sauna, aside from one bad flare due to storms coming through. It's like it has shaved 10-15 years off for her. Her eyes are brighter, she's sleeping better, and so much happier. My fairly cranky doubting Thomas of a father has even had to admit it was a good purchase! Kudos to you, infrared sauna guru, for selling a high quality sauna at an unbeatable price! Also many thanks to Eric and Jacob for being so great :-)
Caryl H.

Sebastopol, CA

2/12/2018 Love our new Sauna from InfraredSaunaGuru. I worked with Jacob on my purchase, and he was incredibly responsive and helpful. We absolutely love love love the sauna. My husband was the one who wanted it, but now that we have it I realize how relaxing and helpful it is for all of my stress and aches and pains. Very highly recommend this company.
R. S. H.

Mineral Bluff, GA

5/27/2017 I bought a 3 person, outdoor sauna from infraredsaunaguru about three years ago. I am very satisfied with the performance of the unit, it has worked like a charm. (Hint: the 3 person unit only seats 2 adults comfortably, unless you want to be intimate. Not surprised, expected that anyway.) I had some minor fraying of the material that covers the rear heaters that is more wear and tear, not a malfunction. I called to get new material and they were not only able to supply a replacement, but informed me the material had been upgraded to prevent this very problem. Representative was not only knowledge, but treated me professionally and promptly helped me get the problem resolved. Only issue I have had, and it was recommended that I only buy an inside unit, is the amount of time to heat up on cold winter days. This was also expected but more insulation could reduce the time to get the temp to 130 degrees. I use this a few times each week, and almost never use my hot tub anymore. Recommend based on my experience with the product and the company.
Nan B.

Ann Arbor Charter Township, MI

7/30/2017 We are really happy with our 2-person sauna from this company. The staff is excellent, especially Mike. Prices were very good. A chipmunk ate a very important wire, and Mike has been extremely responsive and helpful to help us fix the problem, sending us a replacement at no additional cost.
James C.

Falmouth, ME

12/13/2016 I wanted to get a sauna for my wife's birthday. After a lot of research and a lot of phone calls, I spoke with Jacob. He was knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating. when I decided to make the purchase, he told me when I could expect delivery and what was involved in putting the 4 person Sierra Canadian Outdoor Infrared sauna together. everything worked exactly as he explained. I cannot speak highly enough about this company and its personnel. Look no further.
Gary G.

San Diego, CA

4/26/2017 I wanted a sauna on our new deck, but space was tight. Infrared Sauna Guru worked with me to build a custom sauna that would fit in the space available. They we outstanding to work with, the sauna fits perfectly, and I would strongly recommend this company. Jacob was get to work with and provided outstanding customer service.
Benjamin L.

Daly City, CA

11/18/2015 Infrared Sauna Guru was very helpful in picking out the sauna that was right for me. The sauna that I bought was a 2 person Sierra Canadian Cedar outdoor sauna. The sauna came and me and a buddy of mine put it together in 1hr-1hr 30 min. works really well. Highly recommend this company.
Mike M.

Hillsboro, OR

1/10/2018 Initially getting our sauna was a positive experience. They were helpful and we have enjoyed our sauna for a few years. Our sauna broke. It took a while to get back to us after calling and emailing. They eventually took care of it though.
William L.

Half Moon Bay, CA

12/13/2017 I ordered the 3-person outdoor sauna. Jacob called me to confirm the order and delivery details and was very helpful. The sauna arrived in the promised delivery window, but we discovered when assembling it that they had sent us two floors and no roof. Jacob was quick to get that replaced, but when they delivered the roof (a new model that slopes in a single panel, rather than a pointy roof) we discovered that it didn't sit on the walls particularly well. The roof was undersized ~1/4" on each side and also there was a gap between the roof and side walls so rain could get in there. To fix that required not only caulking the gap, but because the gap was pretty wide at spots, to attach new trim pieces to cover the gaps completely. The roof also lacked a drip edge and had exposed plywood, again a place that rains would soak into the wood and damage the roof. Jacob unhesitatingly offered to either fix it with his own team or have me and my carpenter fix it and we decided to do the repairs ourselves and negotiated a reimbursement from IfraredSaunaGuru to pay for that. So, while we were disappointed at the quality of workmanship on the roof, Jacob was very fair and reimbursed us for the necessary repairs. And Armand, who delivered the sauna and helped with the redelivery and the attachment of the the new roof, was also very kind and responsive to our concerns. We've used the sauna a number of times and it works really well and we enjoy it a lot. I'm giving 4 stars rather than 5 only because we couldn't use the sauna right out of the box, but considering the company's quick and fair response to that problem, it certainly merits a 5-star award for service.
Homeira I.

San Francisco, CA

10/24/2019 I enjoy " me time" after work, it is great and I feel great, wonderful customer service , life time warranty
Alessandra B.

San Francisco, CA

10/21/2019 Beautiful saunas, I worked with Jacob. He was very professional, honest, he never give me a sales speech, instead he listen and help to get what it was suitable for my garden, and exactly what I had in mind. Delivery on time when he promes. A corner unit hybrid, infrared and a classic sauna. I love it. Thank you
Alexander S.

San Francisco, CA

10/14/2019 Exceptional quality on my 2-person outdoor sauna and I must say the customer service is out of this world, from when I placed my order till they delivered and installed my unit. Especially for the price presented by my sales rep Jacob, who was very polite and helpful. Got my sauna on time, as promised. The custom sauna fit perfectly and wasn't overly expensive. (I compared estimates from a few different companies) I cannot be happier with the service I have received from this company, and would strongly recommend to anyone wanting to buy an infrared sauna.
Julie C.

Northeast Portland, Portland, OR

3/21/2019 I worked with Jacob. He was very knowledgeable about saunas but listened what I needed. He was very patient as I was just gathering information. He did not constantly bother me about my purchase, which I really appreciated. He spoke with my electrician to ensure I had the proper outlet. I finally made my purchase and am so happy with my sauna. I will highly recommend to anyone. Jacob is awesome!!
Delia E.

Northeast Portland, Portland, OR

1/24/2019 We have enjoyed our sauna tremendously!!! With it's many wonderful benefits!!! We love it!!! So glad we purchased it!!! Excellent customer service too!!! Thank you Mr. Jacob!!!
Jayne B.

San Francisco, CA

3/8/2018 I just got my sauna and have only used it twice, but it was great. The process of purchasing and delivery etc. went smoothly. I have never had an experience with a customer service and sales rep like Jacob. He is very attentive and responsive. We have been on the phone so many times, it feels like we are now old friends. I know that if I need any advice or service, they will be there to assist me. I need to go now and get in the sauna!
Daniel P.

Medford, OR

2/27/2018 After careful research of infrared saunas and having the opportunity to use one I decided to replace my hot tube with The Guru, infrared Sauna Guru, that is. Other sauna manufactures/sellers could not offer an outdoor sauna that would work without special covers and added costs at a price that was affordable! I was so impressed with the ease of working with Jacob and Infrared Sauna Guru, if offered a job I would seriously consider the opportunity.
Radar T.

Los Angeles, CA

9/25/2017 I had the perfect experience buying a sauna from Infrared Sauna Guru. Thank you so much for making this so easy :)
Tomer T.

Campbell, CA

7/24/2017 I am actually a two time customer. I had ordered a 5 person sauna for my prior residence and, unfortunately, the new buyer is appreciating it. The unit was well constructed and gave me no issues. The crew put it together quickly and efficiently. The good news is since these guys are always upgrading their units I was able to snag a new unit which looks amazing in my new house. I have had nothing but positive experiences with them.
Kurt J.

Northwest Washington, Washington, DC

7/13/2017 Impeccable customer service and outstanding product range!
Michael S.

San Francisco, CA

1/12/2016 I was in the market for an outdoor infrared sauna for over a year now been searching and searching I finally came across a local company that is located in the bay area that not only walks you through the whole process but takes the time and explains the different technologies that are available on the market, and goes over all the bells and whistles that are needed and not needed at the time of the purchase. Not only that they took the time but they also saved me money at the end of the day with the purchase that I made. Thank you guys and all the best with the great service you offered me with my purchase!
Chris H.

San Ramon, CA

12/2/2015 I spent a lot of time researching out door infrared Sauna's. I didn't like a lot of the online choices like Amazon, EBay, etc. I wanted to find a local company who could help me with my decision, set up, operation, etc., or any other problems I might have down the line. Infrared Sauna Guru was exactly what I was looking for. My order was delayed because of the strike at the shipping yard. This company offered to lend me a sauna until mine arrived (!), but we were fine with waiting. Once the Sauna arrived it was delivered to us it perfect condition. The company came out and helped install it. We love it! It's one of the best purchases we've made. Their prices were extremely competitive with other companies carrying the same product. Another wonderful thing about this company is that they have all the replacement parts and extra accessories should I ever need them. I would highly recommend this company for anyone looking for an indoor or outdoor sauna with superior customer service