Benefits and Medical Studies

Weight loss

Improved Metabolism: I have heard of this in the infrared saunas, but was very pleasantly surprised to see it was actually true.

Heart Health

With far infrared therapies you have increased cardiac function, increased metabolic function and increased vascular dilation. Those components help to increase the health of the heart and help to restore cardiovascular functions. It's like being a runner, only don't have to run.

Skin Conditions

With skin condition I've noticed with far infrared sauna therapy it can be very effective for patients who are dealing with conditions such as psoriasis, eczema or acne. FIRT supports the body's ability to heal on its own because you're eliminating through the skin more effectively. You're also helping with the inflammatory response that the skin is often suffering from resulting in fewer and less severe outbreaks.

Immune System

Patients that come in with compromised immune systems during cold and flu season really see a benefit not only because of the warm environment which feels great, but also because the immune system is being encouraged to stimulate itself through blood flow and increased lymphatic drainage.

How sauna helps against anxiety, stress, depression and cognitive impairment

One of the nicest side effects we were not expecting was the stress relief. This is very understated and undervalued benefit to the sauna. After a 30-minute session in my sauna, I come out of it feeling like a new man. I see many patients where stress is causing their health problems and we have started to add it to all of our stress management programs.


What I have found is that my patients that have had the far infrared therapy seem to over the next few days have a lot less pain and the healing time is decreased. A typical injury that might last two weeks is lasting only a week.


When our flexibility increases, we feel greater ease in our body. Walking is easier and we have a spring in our step that was not there before. Flexibility increases the range of our joints, makes activities of daily living easier and can even prevent injury

Sleep and Energy

How well you sleep and how much energy you have during the day go hand in hand. Technology, which is designed to make our life easier, has actually created a society that is chronically fatigued. I am not only referring to patients that suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but also to a society where the majority of the people suffer from sleep deprivation.

Safety Precautions

Although an Infrared Sauna is very health beneficial to a human body, it may not be for everyone. Customer acknowledges his/her responsibilities as the sauna user at his/her own risk.