Buyer's Guide

Buyer's Guide is designed to help you in the process of purchasing your infrared sauna. Whether you choose to purchase a unit from Enlighten Sauna, or someone else, this may well be the most important section for you. Currently there is much information and even some dis- information on the web concerning infrared saunas, but it is easy to decipher once you know the ground rules. Reading this section will provide the basic information to make a sound sauna purchase. The last thing you want is to take delivery of a sauna, only to find out that the quality, performance and/or service was mis-represented. There are certainly many good companies out there, but there are also those that have a tendency to disappoint. And some others which disappear into the night... When we started out our infrared sauna business, there were only two infrared sauna companies in the US. Now there have been over 500! Most of these companies have come and gone in the last ten years, so you get an idea of the landscape.


Infrared Saunas are physically made up of three major components, with an important fourth consideration.
The design, the quality, the execution and the support of these items will determine you sauna experience. They are:

Wood Cabin


Control and Power Supply


The first most critical piece in selecting a sauna, however, is to be able to separate the “sales hype" from the actual truth. I will illustrate: There was a company that used to promote the healing “crystals" in their heaters; crystals did this and crystals did that! Because of the crystals, people were having miraculous healings. They even had "Crystals" inside their emitters (aka heaters). Their entire sales pitch became "Crystals provide a superior way to health". There was actually no science or reason behind it.....just the crystal drumbeat. What they failed to tell people was that they were still marketing the same heaters that had been used for 20+ years and that those heaters were filled with zirconium crystals.....you guessed it, "sand"! Always ask companies to back up what they say with studies, spectral analysis and certifications. If something is not backed up by studies or just simply makes no sense, there is probably something not right. This buyer's guide grew out of customers questions and requests for information over the years.

We kept the answers and then compiled this guide complete with the positives and negatives of using different technologies, heaters and woods, etc. We have tried to eliminate our bias and keep it as educational as possible, but we will admit that we lean towards the style and type of saunas we sell. We are certainly passionate about what we do! But our MAIN objective is your health. You are purchasing a specialty product for your well-being and we want to provide as much information as we can, so you can make your own informed decision. Be informed, be smart, but most importantly understand that your health is the most important priority.

Give us a call or shoot us an email. Let us help you build a nice relaxing hideaway right on your own property!