Outdoor vs. Indoor

As the relaxation and health benefits of saunas become more widely appreciated, an increasing number of people are investing in sauna kits for their homes. This growing trend is helped by the wide range of both indoor and outdoor sauna kits for sale. Today there is a sauna for every space and budget.

An infrared sauna uses infrared light to heat the sauna cabin which differs from the traditional sauna style which uses heat to from a stove to keep the sauna cabin warm. Many people have tried a traditional sauna at their local health club and felt invigorated afterwards. An infrared sauna has the same effect but the health benefits and potential detoxification and weight loss are more intense due to the targeted infrared light.

Infrared sauna suits allow for creativity with design so people looking for inspirational sauna ideas will not be disappointed. Due to the flexibility of the infrared sauna it is reasonably common for people to include an indoor infrared sauna in their bathroom during a remodel.

The exciting new trend emerging though is for people to create a sauna suit in their garden as outside they are only limited by cost, and their imagination if space isn't an issue. Many outdoor infrared sauna plans and DIY kits are flexible so can be designed with a combined outdoor sauna and hot tub and shower to gain the full health benefits and relaxation.

An Indoor or Outdoor Infrared Sauna?

Before you start looking at sauna plans and researching popular sauna ideas, the first thing you really need to decide is whether you want an outdoor sauna or indoor sauna. Regular sauna users can see the advantages of both indoor and outdoor saunas and final decisions are often determined only by space and budget.

Preference for either an indoor or outdoor infrared sauna comes down to personal choice and people looking to buy an infrared sauna should spend some time deciding how they plan to use it. For instance, do you like the idea of having occasional traditional sauna style parties in the garden, or would you prefer a convenient sauna you can use as part of your daily routine, whatever the weather or time of day?

If you don't have a clear idea, reading online sauna reviews is a good place to start, as is searching for inspirational sauna ideas. Seeing images of infrared sauna cabins placed in clever indoor locations, or extensive outdoor sauna suits with hot tubs and showers may make your decision easier.

Regardless of your location, DIY infrared sauna kits are available for all sizes budgets.


It is vital to be realistic with space and size when choosing a sauna suit. However, there is no need to be disheartened if space is an issue. Look at any infrared sauna plan and you will see that infrared saunas can be built in almost any nook and don't always have to take up precious bathroom space. Most standard DIY sauna kits are designed for modern living. Any indoor sauna ideas you may have are only limited by your imagination. Do you have any awkward spaces that you've never been able to efficiently use, such as under the stairs, or an alcove that just isn't the right size for anything? An indoor infrared sauna cabin may perfectly fit this footprint.

On the other hand, if you were leaning towards an outdoor infrared sauna suit you are probably not restricted by size. Any vision you have for an extensive outdoor sauna and hot tub could become a reality. Many outdoor sauna owners start with a sauna and shower and then extend to include a hot tub. Many people looking at garden landscaping ideas stumble across images of luxurious sauna suits and eventually decide that a sauna suit would perfectly complete their garden design.



Since the essentials such as power and water are readily available, an indoor infrared sauna should be easier to build. You can start you planning by looking at indoor infrared sauna plans and infrared sauna DIY kits to decide which size, shape and colour would suit your house rather than having to start by planning outdoor utilities.


Traditional saunas have always been located outside the home and osting an outdoor traditional sauna party is a fun way to use your new sauna suit. When planning an outdoor sauna you need to consider the connection to utilities such as water and electricity supply. However, few people see this as a hurdle to installing an outdoor sauna cabin as making these utility connections can be easily done. Look closely at the infrared sauna plans that come with the infrared sauna DIY kits and you can get an idea of how easy this can be to achieve.


Because an outdoor sauna cabin is exposed to the elements, it requires better quality outer paneling and insulation to protect it. The exterior walls of your outdoor infrared sauna cabin should also be constructed with watertight joints. You don't want any water seeping into your sauna cabin when it rains, and it's absolutely essential to prevent water from coming anywhere near the sauna cabin's electrical components.

Our company provides the following modifications to the outdoor infrared sauna suit. You can find these features in all our products, including our sauna DIY kits.

  • The sauna cabin exterior is re-finished with an outdoor varnish.
  • All exposed hardware in the sauna suit is sprayed with outdoors lacquer.
  • All edges and window trims along the sauna suit are sealed. We also include a bolting kit and a sealant kit to seal the panels after your sauna kit installation.


If you live where it gets cold during the winter, you should look closely at the heater suggested on the plan that comes with your sauna kit. You should consider outdoor infrared sauna cabins featuring powerful heaters so that your sauna suit effortlessly remains at optimum temperature during the cold months. If you are unsure you can also do extra research as people are often honest about their sauna heaters in online sauna reviews.

Infrared saunas aren't as hot as traditional saunas and many people find this moderate heat much more comfortable for relaxation. Infrared sauna heaters come in three panels. This ensures you sauna cabin remains at optimum temperature and that the health benefits of the sauna such as detoxification and weight loss are maximised.

The shortest wave of infrared is NIR, near infrared. These rays penetrate the skin's surface most effectively and mimic the skin purification you get in a traditional sauna. Mid infrared (MIR) is a longer wavelength and can penetrate deeper into the body to help with cell renewal. This can also promotes healing and pain relief. Far infrared (FIR) is the longest wavelength and reaches far into the body. It increases heart rate and circulation so not only is there a detox effect, your metabolism increases which helps weight loss.

All three infrared wavelengths work together to create health benefits, weight loss and relaxation for regular users. With all three rays combined, the sauna cabin remains at a warm and comfortable temperature and with this form of relaxation therapy it is no wonder that many people eventually extend their outdoor infrared sauna suit to include a shower and hot tub!.


Should your circumstances change – perhaps you move house or need space in your garden for another project - Enlighten saunas give you the option to convert your outdoor infrared sauna cabin into an indoor sauna cabin. All Enlighten sauna kits come with a standard flat roof but are also equipped with an easy to remove shingle roof for indoor conversion.

Choosing the perfect sauna suit comes down to space, price and personal preference. Infrared saunas have a flexible design and suit a range of budgets.

Where to begin?

Enlighten Sauna is committed to helping you choose what works best for your wallet. We are always happy to give you free advice and sauna ideas for your new sauna suit.

We have been in business since 2001 and have spent many years of experience ensuring our designs are superior. We are delighted to offer you a high quality range of sauna suits and DIY kits with design features that are both practical and attractive for your home.