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I’ve heard about the benefits of having an Infrared sauna at home, but I never thought how much my life will change for the better with the frequent use! Now I feel younger and stronger, and more capable of withstanding everyday stresses! Thank you, Infrared Sauna Guru! You’re the best!
I’ve read about the Infrared sauna, but I was too shy to go to SPA’s and other places where they have these. And my doctor recommended Infrared saunas to help me lose some weight and improve blood flow to help me get healthier. So I decided to see if I could afford an indoor sauna for my home. I was surprised to find out that I can not only afford it, but what a great sauna I will be receiving! Everything was on time, the staff was so friendly and helped me with my order, the price is so appealing, and the design of the sauna – everything is so great!
Great service, awesome quality, perfect performance! I am glad I bought my sauna from Infrared Sauna Guru!
I used to have problems with sleeping. Then a friend of mine said I could have this treated without any pills. I couldn’t believe this, but then she invited me for weekend and showed me her own infrared sauna. After a short session I slept like a baby! And that did it! I purchased my own Infrared sauna and ever since I have no more trouble falling asleep!
Delivery was as promised. Customer service was exceptional. Quality is great. Performance is awesome. I’m glad I found Infrared Sauna Guru.
I bought an infrared sauna for my wife (she had a couple of injuries and her joints always gave her a hard time with the frequent pains). Now, I can’t recognize my own wife! She’s never felt better! Thank you, Sauna Guru!
Looking for a way to assist myself get back in shape, I decided to open myself to options. And an Infrared sauna was a great choice!
I love it. I love it! I LOVE IT! It fit into my room perfectly, and it gives me so much joy! However hard my day was – a sauna session soothes my nerves and helps me fall asleep with no more troubles.
Customer support was so patient answering all my questions! Purchasing an infrared sauna from Sauna Guru was as easy and pleasurable, as enjoying it after assembly! I’ve never felt more rejuvenated and relaxed!
Everything was as advertised! People at the support helped greatly, delivery came in time, and the sauna is up to the claimed quality! Choose these guys and don’t think twice! They’re great!
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