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I want to thank you once again for your great assistance and timeliness. I have some friends who are already impressed with your service and I would recommend it to everyone else .
We bought the sauna for my elderly father who uses it to help deal with various aches and pains. The sauna is working out great for him, and he really feels the benefits. He's also lost 4 pounds in two weeks. What's better, he can use it when he wants to without a long drive, an appointment, or a long wait.

A half an hour IR sauna treatment at the nearest spa costs $30, if you are a member. Since we have two people using the sauna regularly, it will pay for itself very quickly. There are very few things I've seen that I think are a better investment.

Infraredsaunaguru delivered the promised sauna on time. It was well packaged and set up was accomplished by two of us in about 1.5 hours. One of us being 87! The company also followed up with us, which tells me they have a faith in this product.
The sauna arrived in a surprisingly short time and in great condition. My husband was able to quickly and easily assemble it with the help of his friend. Unit just snapped together. We have used the sauna several times and love it! I would recommend this sauna and this company to anyone in the market for one.
Works great. I was only able to get it to 136 degrees. But that's hot enough for me. There are three holes for ventilation on the bottom floor that you can't close, so I put a towel on it. All the heating elements work great. The only problem I had was after 1 month of use, the right wall panel began to split open at one of the seams. Infraredsaunaguru is sending me a new wall from the manufacturer at no charge. I don't really use the radio. But it works great. The speakers sound good. I like the ionizer...keeps everything smelling fresh. I like the fact that I can put my feet up to get more heat on my legs. I would not have been able to do this with one person sauna. I don't like the fact that I have to unplug the unit from the wall when not in use.
Received the sauna in the mid August '14. Delivery company was kind enough to wheel the huge pallet into the backyard regardless a curbside delivery. Installation as mentioned in other reviews took around 1/5 hrs to set it up and it was up and going soon thereafter. Since it is infrared sauna the sensation inside is different from the traditional. I gets to 140 degrees in about 15-20 mins. 140F is the air temp inside and the sensor is placed above the heaters where it is not heated directly, the body on the other hand is between the heaters and does sweat profusely matter of fact much more than I have ever in the traditional sauna. It feels milder because of not as hot air and I am able to spend more time inside hence sweat more. Be careful with the buckles they seem to be aluminum or of the similar material and do not force the panels to close if they are not aligned. Overall pleasant experience.
I am very happy with my new two-person sauna. I used it for the first time yesterday & it was great. Timer is helpful, adjustable temp & even a hookup & speakers to play music from my phone. My son put it up fairly easily in about 1 hour. Very pleased with correspondence from Infraredsaunaguru with updates on when it would arrive & other instructions.
I want to thank Infraredsaunaguru, for providing an excellent product at an excellent price. Assembling the Sauna was a snap. We had one small problem with an errant cable which decided to retreat into the back wall. When I called the company, Erica and the staff were very helpful in getting it resolved. Erica made every effort to see that my buying experience was still a positive one. It has been indeed, I couldn't be happier.
I have a condition that causes my lower back muscles, upper back muscles, and stomach muscles to cramp and repeatedly contract at night. This caused me to wake up 10 to 12 times a night in pain. Having to take two muscle relaxants and four Motrin just to get some sleep was not working for me. Using the Sauna for just 15 minutes a night has made it possible for me to sleep through the night without the aid of any medication. The sauna has not cured what I have, but it sure has eliminated the nasty symptoms. Even the overall soreness that I experienced during the day has been greatly relieved. Life is good again, thank you, Infraredsaunaguru and Erica.
I am enjoying the sauna very much. My daughter who has rheumatoid arthritis was here a week ago and she used it every day and felt better by the end of the week. I am only using it about 3 to 4 times a week for 30 minutes. My acupuncturist says my skin looks great.
I may have had a healing reaction after using it several days in a row as I developed a fever blister and have not had one in years. It is healing quickly. I do believe I am sleeping better too.
Your sauna is one of the most valuable things that I have ever purchased. Since I have started using the sauna, I have noticed a great improvement of my health. For over 30 years I have suffered with heavy metal toxicity. I had always heard how an infrared sauna is so beneficial. I was very skeptical until I tried mine. Thank you for offering such a wonderful product.
Delivered on time, great workmanship, easy to put together, customer service great... would recommend to anyone.
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