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Wish I made this purchase years ago! Feel so awesome after every use. So clean and pure. Buying from Infraredsaunaguru was so so easy. I ordered on a Friday and received the sauna exactly a week later. Installation was fast, quick and very straight forward. I thought I was going to need help assembling the unit but one piece at a time (including walking down to the basement) I was done in an hour and a half. Right a way, I followed the start up procedures and then soon sweat out a hard week of work. I've been using the sauna after I workout. I spend about a half hour inside watching TV. Going to sleep has been so easy after using the sauna.
The benefits of our Far Infrared Sauna have been absolutely fantastic. Overall I have felt much more relaxed and healthy throughout the day. The biggest improvement has been with my back pain. I have struggled with lower back pain for years due to 2 incidents with falls and no longer need pain killers or as many visits to my Chiropractor. Also I always had a good skin but now it looks even better than before!
I highly recommend Infrared Saunas, and I am extremely happy with my purchase.
I recently purchased sauna and have thoroughly enjoyed it! The product was easy to assemble and I use it daily. I would recommend this product to other consumers based on the product's quality and performance.
Too many good things to say about our sauna! We sleep better, it's helped my husband lose ten pounds, and our skin looks amazing. It takes a lot for me to sweat even during hard workouts, but I sweat buckets when I use this and definitely feel more detoxified. We placed ours in the corner of our bedroom and can even watch tv while we sit in there. We have also successfully used the sauna to keep from getting sick. I was starting to feel run down and my throat hurt a little on so I used the sauna a couple days in a row and it went away completely! Like I said, we are in love!
Purchased a top quality home sauna, perfect for when I get home from the gym. Great investment for me and my wife!
Purchased sauna when it was on sale in January. Was shipped to the door in great shape. Took about 2 hours to set up with 2 people. Had to run a 20 AMP circuit but that was about it. Have used it every second day since its been set up. Love it!! Would highly recommend this company.
I first want to say that the customer service at Infraredsaunaguru is exceptional. I was going out of town the same time the sauna was supposed to be delivered, and the Infraredsaunaguru customer service for the logistics was superb!
As for the product, it comes on a skid, and assembles very easily. You literally get the product and can be sitting in your sauna within the hour.
We are extremely happy with the sauna itself. It gets warm very fast, and the speakers work well too. Who would think that for this price you could have a 2 person sauna to use when ever you want in your home? Like I said "Great Product for a Great Price!"
Unit arrived in 6 business days, just as promised.
Set up instructions are not brilliant. Give yourself at least 3 hours to fully set up, unless you have done it before. The unit is aesthetically pleasing and well constructed. Raise the temp to 50 degrees celsius in about 20 minutes, and the heat stays constant and even throughout the session. Nice to have two directional benches , (but the unit best fits just two ) Chromotherapy lighting and stereo system works just fine. Make sure you have room on your panel for a 20 amp breaker and access to run 12 gauge wire to the unit. The quick heat up time is so worth it.
I recently received item from Infraredsaunaguru and it works great. Accurate description and it works great. I would recommend this product and this company!
I love this sauna. It arrived weeks before expected. I installed this myself, but it took 5 hours in total to assemble not 1 hour like most have indicated. This included unpacking the sauna pieces and dragging each piece up to 24 flights of stairs. I did require assistance carrying the front glass piece up the stairs. But this product was very self-explanatory to assemble. And I was able to hold the pieces together during assembly with no issues. For the price, this is an exceptional addition to my home healthcare products.
WE Love the Sauna, because we have Arthritis and it feels very relaxing after we used it.
We should had bought one sooner.
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