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Being picky and very strict in all kind of manner is my worst point of character. And yet here I am being grateful to these people in providing me with a great outdoor sauna that I was looking for… a really long time actually. But here I was treated respectively and accurately, my order was issued and delivered on time, everything was as promised. For this I give two thumbs up for these people being professional. Great job!
A friend of mine recommended me this website after I complemented his new outdoor sauna at a house party he had for his birthday. At first I had second thought and wasn’t sure I’d have enough money for a sauna of my own. But I was so wrong! I contacted the manager and we calculated the perfect sauna unit for me – so now I have a little paradise of my own on my back yard. My wife is so happy we now have an infrared sauna to relax in and spend time together!
So with these guys I didn’t just purchase a sauna – I improved my marriage as well! And I am now feeling younger and more energetic than ever before!
Wow! Simply WOW!
I was amazed at the way my order was processed and delivered – Promptly, accurately and without flaws. Packaging was thorough and served to its purpose in preventing any damage during shipment. Recommend!
I’m not good with words, so I’ll keep it short:
Quality in everything: communication, calculation, production. Found it easy to make an order and receive it as promised. Managers are very friendly and eager to help. Sauna unit works perfectly.
My wife drove me mad with her pleading for a personal infrared sauna.
She leads a healthy life and wanted to improve her health with additional means and at some point I just started looking for saunas that are available for personal use at home. After searching many websites and asking around my friends that own one at home I came here and ordered one of the medium sized infrareds that, according to my calculation, could perfectly fit into one corner in our back yard where we used to have some bushes we decided to get rid of some time ago.
And you know what?
The sauna not only fit in perfectly – It made our back yard look much better and added a touch of luxury as well. And when I finally gave up and joined my wife for a try… well, I can say that I no longer have negative thoughts towards infrared saunas. My back feels better, and I now sleep like a baby every night without having to take sleeping medication. So I say – THANK YOU!
When I received the delivery I found that there was a slight damage done during shipment to one of the panels. But the managers were friendly and helpful and issued a replacement very promptly, which shows how the company cares for its clients.
Other than that – the unit is as promised – of high quality and it works greatly. So I have only the good words for these guys. They do a great job and are careful at details.
Also what I liked – they answer all questions. Any kind of question when you make your inquiry or issue an order.
I love it how my skin glows now! It became smoother and softer and I just enjoy how it feels now.
I knew infrared saunas helps with detox, but this is just wow!
Heard of these infrared saunas a while ago from my friends – they visit the local fitness center that has them installed. But I never thought I would have one until my doctor said that infrared therapy could help me with my sore knees.
At first I was terrified at the thought that I would have to go somewhere for therapy or waste a huge amount of money on a personal sauna unit. But then my doctor hinted me with OutdoorInfraredSauna and when I took a look at the website… Well, Now I own a small and comfortable sauna of my own and I am happy with it in all kinds of ways! Don’t think twice – you will never regret buying one for your home!
I’m feeling so cleansed and light nowadays – all thanks to the new infrared sauna I bought here! My skin became smooth and glowing, my weight is now decreasing better than with all those exercises and diets, and I feel myself so much better! Thanks guys! I will never forget this!
My husband bought a sauna here – as he said to improve his status among our friends – but I just want to say how grateful I am for such a great job! Now I have a little corner of my own to meditate and rejuvenate any time I want. And also many problems with my health simply disappeared! No more sore joints after workouts, no more troubles with sleep, and I also noticed that now I don’t get sick with cold and flu as often as before! So thank you very much! And I will definitely recommend you to everyone who is looking for an infrared sauna!
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